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Alcoholism is not a problem that is exclusive to adults. Many teenagers find themselves addicted to alcohol even though […]

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Parties are fun but planning them is work. The more carefully you plan your next party the more likely […]

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Alcohol addiction is a very common phenomenon. It helps in lowering your inhibition and relaxing each and every part […]

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Many Reasons Pregnancy and Alcohol Never Mix

Noah is nine years old and in the second class. He was considered to be in the third grade this year, but he has had regular enigmas learning in school. His attention duration is not what other kids’ are, and in fact, he suffers from little mental retardation. In addition, inferior hearing also hinders his performance at school. And it could all have been prevented if his mother had not drunk — and drunk heavily — while pregnant with her child. There’s a reason that doctors tell […]

Do Not Hesitate to Get Alcohol Treatment

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to or dependancy on alcohol, than I have one suggestion and one suggestion only: don’t hestitate to get the alcohol treatment that is needed. It seems like people are not embarrassed about drinking alcohol until it gets to a level where they have a problem that requires attention and care. Then people seem to be filled with a lot of shame about their problems with alcohol. I have been an alcohol treatment counselor for many years, […]

Alcohol Detoxification

If you love someone who is an alcoholic, or you are struggling with your own alcohol problem, you may be interested in the process of alcohol detoxification. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable to life threatening, depending on the severity of the addiction, and detoxification can help with this process. Alcohol detoxification is simply eliminating alcohol from the body and providing medical assistance for the symptoms of withdrawal that accompany this process. Medical professionals will generally prescribe a limited course of treatment with one of several […]

The Components of Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is a powerful craving for alcohol which often results in the compulsive consumption of alcohol. The cause of this craving is heavily debated, but the most popular beliefs are that it is a chemical or nutrional imbalance, a genetic predisposition, a neurological effect caused by runaway learning mechanisms or an inability to curb one’s own desire for enjoyment. Alcoholism is often a controversial subject. Some believe it to be a biological disease, but the inability to tie it to a specific biological causation makes this is […]